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9ALPC235/Perf/Ford 37” w x 108” L x 1500 Lbs

9ALPC235/Perf/Ford 37” w x 108” L x 1500 Lbs

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Strong, lightweight, folding aluminum loading ramp for Ford Transit vans, capable of loads up to 3,300 lbs.

The WM Light Plus ramp is constructed from reinforced aluminum making it lightweight and very easy to use due to its patented spring-assisted system. The built-in swivel feature allows the ramp to pivot externally at 90 degrees giving the operator full access to the rear of the vehicle when required. The anti-slip surface provides a safe loading platform with raised lateral anti-fall edges increasing load safety.

The ramp is equipped with two contact flaps. The first movable contact flap connects perfectly to the floor of the cargo van, assuring perfectly smooth transition between ramp and vehicle. The second flap – which connects the ramp to the ground – is straight and fixed. This ramp is suitable for all types of equipment, especially equipment with low ground clearance and small size wheels.


  • Anti-slip anodized aluminum platform
  • Built-in spring assist for easy deployment
  • Movable contact plate to connect ramp to the cargo van floor
  • Two wheels for easy deployment
  • 2-5/16″ high safety edges
  • Includes mounting kit for easy installation (many applications allow for no-drill install)
  • Available with solid and perforated platforms
  • Available with left- and right-hand swivels
  • 2 year warranty
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