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5140-1020 Chandler HD ADAPT Crossbody Toolbox Size 14 X 20 X 62

5140-1020 Chandler HD ADAPT Crossbody Toolbox Size 14 X 20 X 62

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The ADAPT Crossbody Toolbox is available in two standard sizes and is fully designed and constructed in the USA. 


  • 12-Gauge Carbon Steel - The Crossbody Wedge Toolbox is made from Chandler’s signature 12-Gauge Carbon Steel that can withstand hard use and extreme conditions. 12-gauge steel is thicker than standard 14-gauge steel, making this the toughest toolbox you can find.
  • Tight seal - This toolbox features a premium Commercial-Grade One-Piece Gasket that provides a tight seal unmatched by any other toolbox. The gasket plus the full perimeter rain gutter means that, regardless of the outside elements or harsh weather conditions, nothing’s getting in this box unless you open the door and let it in. Water washes down and away rather than into the box, so your tools stay dry.
  • Hinges and Springs - Stainless steel huck on hinges means no PM (periodic maintenance) for you or your team. No grease gun needed. 80-lb. Gas Assist Springs make lifting the lid smooth and nearly effortless every time.
  • Interior Storage Shelf - The Interior Storage Shelf gives you organization options and easy access to smaller items within the box.
  • Matte Textured Powder Coat - This box features a textured matte black powder coating inside and out that looks great and protects the steel from rust and corrosion.
  • Locks - Dual lockable handles make securing your gear a breeze.
  • Installation Options - The crossbody wedge toolbox can be mounted via welds or bolts.
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